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Athletes who are impressive at more than one sport

Making it as a professional athlete takes an incredible amount of talent, dedication and good fortune, it takes so much that it seems impossible, for us mere mortals, that you could achieve these levels in more than one discipline.

But as it turns out for some stars, athleticism is the gift that keeps on giving, in more than one game.

Here are some of the most prolific and talented athletes, who have proven themselves in more than one court:

Michael Jordan

A name recognizable around the world, mostly for his talents inside the basketball court, secondly for creating one of the most successful athletics brands in the world, starting the sneakerhead movement.

Michael Jordan photo
Michael Jordan

What many may have forgotten, is that the 6 time NBA champion had a brief stint in the minor baseball league, giving hints of what could have been if he had chosen the bat instead of the court. Jordan played the game has a homage to his father, and later returned to basketball and another championship with the Chicago Bulls.

Deion Sanders

To cut right to the point, Deion Sanders was an athletic wonder. First drafted by the Kansas City Royals right out of high school, he chose to attend Florida State University, where he competed in football, baseball, and track and field. Sander became an NFL all-time great defensive back, and also played in the MLB for a decade. And here’s one for the history books he is the only person ever, to score a home run on the MLB and a touchdown on the NFL, in the same week. Try and top that!

Yuzvendra Chahal

This cricketer came into the stardom after an impressive IPL outing with the Royan Challengers Bangalore back in 2015 and 2016. He became the leading wicket-taker in 2016, the season when the team reached the final of the tournament. That successful performance got him a debut for the Indian cricket team in the T20’S.

What fans may be in the dark about is that Chahal also represented his country in chess, and is the only person to have done so. Going to show that you can’t judge a cricketer by his bat.
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LeBron James

James might be the biggest baller on the globe right now, the star already has three NBA championships and the possibility accumulating more success in the future. But back in his school days, the Laker’s star was also catching passes from his quarterback on the field, he spent three years playing as a receiver for his high school, even obtaining All-State recognition.

If you are still curious you can check out what the NFL has to say about him as a footballer. These spectacular athletes show the rest of the world just how important it is to follow your passions, even if you are skilled in many areas, the love of the game can make the commitment to the work easier to manage and change destinies.


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