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Basic cricket betting strategies every batter should know

Cricket is easily the most enjoyed sporting event in India. For sports bettors, it’s even more enjoyable since there are a variety of cricket games on which wagers can be placed. When betting on cricket games, there are interesting strategies open to sports bettors.

Spread betting

Spread betting is common in T20 and ODI games and provides multiple betting options through in-play markets. A spread betting market can exist on the total runs which a team will have in a cricket match. Here, you can then bet lower than the spread or higher than it. You “buy” when your bet is on how high the score is, while you sell when your bet is on the score being lower than the sportsbook spread.
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Whether you win or lose with this strategy depends on the closeness of the final total and the spread.

Betting Exchange

This strategy allows you to match your bets with others. What makes this attractive is you could get substantially improved odds with this strategy. Also, there is a possibility for your wagers to be managed to secure profits, regardless of whether you win or you lose.

Betting on runs

With this strategy, you bet on whether the number of runs will be above or below a particular amount which the sportsbook has set. This can be used with the first over in the game or the complete match.

Betting on the top match batsman

This strategy involves betting on the top player in the test match from either team. For instance, this strategy can also be used to wager on the top bowler.

Betting on outright winner of a season

As the name states, this involves betting on who you think will be victorious by the end of the season. This is quite risky as there are so many teams to select from. You need to research on the various teams. However, it is quite difficult since there are various unforeseen events which can take place such as bad weather, or player injuries. But the riskier it is, the more profitable when you win.

Coin toss

This is one of the considerations when betting on cricket games. The coin toss in cricket determines who will bat first and this could serve as an advantage in some cricket matches.

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