Wasim Akram to be next PCB Chairman

Breaking: Wasim Akram will be next PCB Chairman

Former Pakistani fast bowler and swing master Wasim Akram is ready to take major role in Pak cricket as he’ll be the next PCB Chairman. Currently Najam Sethi is chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board and he is going to be replaced by Akram. Sportsmirchi got a chance to talk to a family member of Imran after Wasim-Imran meet in Islamabad.

“Yes, Wasim is front runner for becoming next PCB chairperson. He’s been associated with IK since both legends used to play cricket for Pakistan and now both ready to take country on new heights,”  a close family member told Sports Mirchi.

Wasim Akram to be next PCB Chairman
Wasim met Imran at Bani Gala. Image taken from Wasim’s official Twitter handle

“It was fantastic win for Imran in the general elections and he’d be the next PM of nation. Everyone who knows Imran, is happy and wants to see him once to congrats. Wasim also came yesterday here at Bani Gala to meet IK and both former cricketers had good talk,” Imran’s relative told us.

“Wasim congratulated Imran and seemed to be happy to know that he’s in Imran’s plans to make Pakistan better in sports area, especially in cricket.” He added.

Recently Pakistan done with Parliamentary elections and Imran Khan’s party Tehreek-e-Insaf won the election and Imran will be the new Prime Minister of nation. Wasim had supported Imran during the elections and asked nation’s people to support 1992 cricket world cup winning team captain to make “Naya Pakistan”.

“Pakistan cricket needs a person like Wasim who can bring international cricket back to the nation at regular time. New chapter is set to be introduced to Indo-Pak relations in terms of cricket as well.” source cited.

The swing master is currently international commentator and has been associated with Pakistan cricket and PSL T20 league. If Akram becomes PCB chairman, we can hope to see cricketing bilateral relations between India and Pakistan get better. The fact is, PM Imran and PCB chairman Akram would know how to make better things with India.

Imran Khan has talked as a leader a lot about making good relations with neighbors and Wasim has been the supporter of making cricket ties better with India to low down the political tension between two countries.

Wasim Akram and Imran Khan played cricket together for quite long and both players were crucial parts in country’s only ICC world cup triumph in 1992.

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