BSFI to launch cuesport league in 2015 based on IPL format.

BSFI to launch IPL kind of franchise Cuesport league in 2015

Billiards and Snooker Federation of India has decided to promote Cuesport game as organization is going to launch franchise based league this year. It is expected that BSFI will release league after the completion of Indian Open which is scheduled to play from 10 to 14 March.

BSFI to launch cuesport league in 2015 based on IPL format.

BSFI President Captain PVK Mohan said, “We hope to finalise everything after the second edition of the Indian Open gets over in Mumbai (March 10-14). It’s still in the nascent stage.”

PVK Mohan also mentioned that we are planning to launch six teams for this league. He said, “There will be six teams across the country and we are trying our best to make the format very attractive and popular.”

This upcoming snooker league if going to be vital for Indian players as international players will be joining with the league. Currently Asian snookers go to United Kingdom to learn professional game but now they’ll have opportunity to get such kind of things here in India.

Mohan said, “Exciting days are ahead for cue sport.
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The players from Asian countries had to stay in UK for long to pursue professional snooker. But with the Asian Tour things will change.”


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