Sir Vivian Richards played cricket and football world cups.

100 Cricket Facts that one should know – Part 3

In the series of interesting and amazing cricket facts this is the third part, here we have got 21-30 facts about cricket that one follower must know.

30. Sachin Tendulkar’s nervous nineties

Sachin Tendulkar dismissed most number of times in 90’s. 28 times he got dismissed in nervous nineties. 10 times in test cricket and 18 times in One Day Internationals he missed century and returned pavilion after scoring 90 or more.

Sachin Tendulkar out 28 times in nervous nineties.
Sachin Tendulkar

29. Two hat-tricks on same day

Australia’s Jimmy Matthews took two hat-tricks in the same match, day and date. On 28 may, 1912 took 1-1 hat-trick in each innings of South Africa.

28. Viv Richards played cricket and football world cups 

Sir Vivian Richards is the only man player who played cricket and football world cups. He played 1974 football world cup qualifying matches for Antigua whereas he was part of cricket world cup winning West Indies teams in 1975 and 1979.

Sir Vivian Richards played cricket and football world cups.
Sir Vivian Richards

27. Ellyse Perry played women’s cricket and football world cups

Australia’s Ellyse Perry is another player who played cricket and football world cups. She played 2011 FIFA Women’s world cup for Matildas (Australia women’s soccer team) and she was part of 2009 cricket world cup team and 2013 world cup winning Australia women’s squad.

26. Consecutive 21 maiden overs record

India’s Bapu Nadkarni is the only cricketer who bowled 21 consecutive maiden overs in the history of cricket. He achieved this record against England in 1964 at Chennai.

25. Morgan doesn’t sing national anthem

Eoin Morgan never sung National Anthem before match. Once he said, “I have never sung the national anthem when playing for Ireland or England. It does not make me any less proud to be an English cricketer. It is a long story. It is a personal thing.”

Eoin Morgan doesn't sing national anthem.

24. India had 2 Robin Singh

Two Robin Singhs have represented Indian Cricket Team at International level and each played only one test match.

23. Mysterious numbers

South Africa needed 111 runs to win against Australia on 11/11/11 at 11:11. (Source: Indiatimes)

11 number mystery in South Africa vs Australia cricket match.

22. 3 bowlers were used to complete 1 over

There was an occasion in test cricket history when 3 bowlers were used to complete one over. In Sri Lanka vs West Indies 2001 series, three West Indies bowlers Mervyn Dillon, Colin Stuart and Chris Gayle bowled one over.

Dillon bowled first two balls of the over and he got sudden pain which enforced him not to bowl again. Then captain called Colin Stuart to complete the over but he bowled 2 full toss over the waist height and umpire John Hampshire removed him. Then Chris Gayle threw rest 3 balls of the over.

21. India: only nation to win 3 different overs-format world cup winner

India is the only nation to win 60-over, 50-over and 20-over world cup. Indian team 60-over world cup in 1983, 50-over world cup in 2011 and 20-over world cup in 2007.

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