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Euro 2020 updates for Wembley and Super League controversy

Football news has been hotter than ever these past few weeks, with the Euro 2020 tournament well underway on the particles surrounding the proposed Super League featuring some of the biggest football teams in England, Spain and Italy.

Amid huge fan uproar and insights from industry experts, comments and news updates have become more than a regular top up. This week has seen many ups and downs in light of both main topics, however, decisions are being made and here is the latest.

Wembley to gain extra fixtures in light of COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic continues to influence big events around the world, with football being absolutely no exception.

Wembley Stadium, England
Photo: Wembley Stadium, England

Keeping the initial Euro 2020 branding following postponement, the Euro 2020 tournament has made the news as several fixtures look to change their original location.

With the pandemic still having a huge influence on how the game is played, organisers are back in talks of making adjustments to fixtures in order to heighten safety for teams and the surrounding crew.

Remaining matches in Dublin, Bilbao and Munich are all under scrutiny as each location has been told that stadiums must be equipped to hold a 25% capacity in order to hold on to their fixtures as planned. If not, other arrangements will be made and discussed on Friday.

With all this uncertainty, it also appears that the last-16 game may also be played at Wembley. Previously scheduled to host three group games in addition to a last-16 tie, the semi-finals and ultimately the final, Wembley now looks to potentially gain even more of the spotlight should other locations not manage to adhere to COVID-related measures.

Live Streaming Available For European Championship 2020 Held in 2021

With the Euro 2020/21 international football tournament just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can watch it without missing out while on the move or not in the comfort of your home!

Also, keeping up with fixtures, which stadiums matches will take place and of course, while the tournament is on, there will be plenty of football news talking about transfers to new clubs for players taking part in the Euro 2020.
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Super League faces huge backlash and now on ‘standby’

The reaction around the world has been mixed in response to the new proposed Super League created by 12 host teams including Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Real Madrid and more, however the large proportion of fans and industry professionals were outraged.

The huge backlash seen across all media platforms has now resulted in the plan for the new league to be placed on ‘standby’.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has stated that work will continue on the proposed European league, while another avid supporter of the new proposed Super League, Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli, admits the project cannot continue!

The Barcelona president Joan Laporta remains on the same page as Perez, saying that there is a need for a new league to help clubs survive through a tough, unprecedented financial dip.

In light of the uproar surrounding the proposal, only three teams out of the original 12 have chosen not to withdraw, which are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

Many other teams and players have come to alternate conclusions saying that if the league was as good an idea as put forward by the prospective teams, the moves to create the Super League would not have been conducted in such a cloak and dagger manner. For now, the Super League will remain off the field for now.

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