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Fast Facts about 1930 FIFA World Cup

First edition of FIFA World Cup was played in 1930 from 13 to 20 July. A total of 13 teams participated in the inaugural men’s football world cup championship hosted by Uruguay.

Uruguay became first nation to win the world cup defeating Argentina in the final. Let’s checkout some amazing and interesting facts and stats about 1930 FIFA world cup.

1930 FIFA World Cup logo

World Cup 1930 Facts

1. FIFA chose Uruguay as the host of first world cup as country was celebrating the hundredth anniversary of it’s first constitution.

2. First ever football world cup game was played between France and Mexico which was won by France with 4-1 scoreline.

3. French footballer Lucien Laurent scored the first ever goal of FIFA world cup history as he scored the goal against Mexico in 19th minute of the match.

4. 1930 world cup is the only tournament contested with teams without qualification. All associations were invited to play in the inaugural soccer world cup but many teams denied to travel Uruguay due to long route via Atlantic sea.

5. Argentina’s Guillermo Stabile was the top scorer of fifa world cup 1930 as he scored 8 goals throughout the tournament.

6. Argentina’s Francisco Varallo was the last surviving player from 1930 competition as he died on 30th August 2010. He was 100-year old at that time.
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