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FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifiers matches schedule for South American teams

Preliminary draw for South American football teams has been concluded in Paraguay and all CONMEBOL’s ten teams have got their fixtures for 2022 FIFA world cup qualifiers. The opening matchday fixture are scheduled to play on 8 and 9 October 2020 which was originally scheduled for 26th March but due to COVID-19 pandemic, qualifiers were postponed.

CONMEBOL Members, Countries, Teams Logo

All participating member teams will play 18 games to get themselves chance to qualify for Qatar world cup 2022 main event. The final matchday 18 will take place on 29 March 2022 and thus we get top 4 teams from CONMEBOL region that will through to world cup 2022.

The fifth place team will face intercontinental play-off in June that will give them a chance to qualify for showpiece event in November.

Let’s have a look at the fixtures and matchday of all 10 teams for 2022 soccer world cup.

2022 World Cup CONMEBOL Qualifiers Matchday schedule

Matchday 1 8 October 2020 Paraguay vs Peru
    Uruguay vs Chile
    Argentina vs Ecuador
    9 October 2020 Colombia vs Venezuela
    Brazil vs Bolivia
Matchday 2 13 October 2020 Peru vs Brazil
    Venezuela vs Paraguay
    Bolivia vs Argentina
    Chile vs Colombia
    Ecuador vs Uruguay
Matchday 3 12 November 2020 Colombia vs Uruguay
    Brazil vs Venezuela
    Bolivia vs Ecuador
    Argentina vs Paraguay
    Chile vs Peru
Matchday 4 17 November 2020 Uruguay vs Brazil
    Peru vs Argentina
    Venezuela vs Chile
    Paraguay vs Bolivia
    Ecuador vs Colombia
Matchday 5 25 March 2021 Colombia vs Brazil
    Venezuela vs Ecuador
    Bolivia vs Peru
    Argentina vs Uruguay
    Chile vs Paraguay
Matchday 6 30 March 2021 Uruguay vs Bolivia
    Peru vs Venezuela
    Brazil vs Argentina
    Paraguay vs Colombia
    Ecuador vs Chile
Matchday 7 3 June 2021 Uruguay vs Paraguay
    Peru vs Colombia
    Brazil vs Ecuador
    Bolivia vs Venezuela
    Argentina vs Chile
Matchday 8 8 June 2021 Colombia vs Argentina
    Venezuela vs Uruguay
    Paraguay vs Brazil
    Chile vs Bolivia
    Ecuador vs Peru
Matchday 9 2 September 2021 Peru vs Uruguay
    Venezuela vs Argentina
    Bolivia vs Colombia
    Chile vs Brazil
    Ecuador vs Paraguay
Matchday 10 7 September 2021 Uruguay vs Ecuador
    Colombia vs Chile
    Brazil vs Peru
    Paraguay vs Venezuela
    Argentina vs Bolivia
Matchday 11 7 October 2021 Uruguay vs Colombia
    Peru vs Chile
    Venezuela vs Brazil
    Paraguay vs Argentina
    Ecuador vs Bolivia
Matchday 12 12 October 2021 Colombia vs Ecuador
    Brazil vs Uruguay
    Bolivia vs Paraguay
    Argentina vs Peru
    Chile vs Venezuela
Matchday 13 11 November 2021 Uruguay vs Argentina
    Peru vs Bolivia
    Brazil vs Colombia
    Paraguay vs Chile
    Ecuador vs Venezuela
Matchday 14 16 November 2021 Colombia vs Paraguay
    Venezuela vs Peru
    Bolivia vs Uruguay
    Argentina vs Brazil
    Chile vs Ecuador
Matchday 15 27 January 2022 Colombia vs Peru
    Venezuela vs Bolivia
    Paraguay vs Uruguay
    Chile vs Argentina
    Ecuador vs Brazil
Matchday 16 1 February 2022 Uruguay vs Venezuela
    Peru vs Ecuador
    Brazil vs Paraguay
    Bolivia vs Chile
    Argentina vs Colombia
Matchday 17 24 March 2022 Uruguay vs Peru
    Colombia vs Bolivia
    Brazil vs Chile
    Paraguay vs Ecuador
    Argentina vs Venezuela
Matchday 18 29 March 2022 Peru vs Paraguay
    Venezuela vs Colombia
    Bolivia vs Brazil
    Chile vs Uruguay
    Ecuador vs Argentina

Which four teams will qualify for fifa world cup 2022 main event from South America? Share your teams with us in comment section.


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