FIFA confirmed 2022 Qatar World Cup Schedule.
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FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar to spend minimum $200 Billion

Qatar is all set to spend biggest hosting amount on 2022 world cup in the history of FIFA World Cup. Doha is planing to spend at least 200 billion dollars for hosting the 22nd football world cup. However the budget will be increased in the near future.

FIFA confirmed 2022 Qatar World Cup Schedule.

Russian news agency Tass reported, “At least $200 bln will be spent on the 2022 FIFA World Cup. They want to show themselves to the best advantage while hosting the 2022 World Cup, so the primary focus and resources will be on the tournament.”

In 2009, when Russia won the rights to host 2018 world cup, they estimated 10$ billion to host the event. But as time progresses, the hosting cost of world cup gets increased.

2022 world cup will be played in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December.


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