FIFA World Cup Hosts
FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup Hosts from 1930 to 2022, 2026, 2030 Years

The inaugural edition of FIFA World Cup was played in 1930. Uruguay got the opportunity to host first ever football world cup which was won by the hosting nation itself. South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia continents have been hosting fifa world cup over the years.

FIFA World Cup Hosts
FIFA World Cup Hosts

Till date 21 editions of FIFA world cup have been concluded and Europe continent has hosted half of these world cups till date. Europe hosted 11th time tournament in 2018 in Russia which was won by France. Next FIFA world cup championship is scheduled to be hosted at Qatar in 2022.

2026 world cup which will be 23rd edition of FIFA world cup is scheduled to play in three American countries Canada, Mexico and USA.
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The tournament will be known as Union 2026 due to three nations hosting world cup.

Let’s have a look at the countries and continents, year wise to know who hosted which world cup and who won it.

FIFA World Cup Hosts List

Year Host Continent Champion
1930 Uruguay South America Uruguay
1934 Italy Europe Italy
1938 France Europe Italy
1950 Brazil South America Uruguay
1954 Switzerland Europe Germany
1958 Sweden Europe Brazil
1962 Chile South America Brazil
1966 England Europe England
1970 Mexico North America Brazil
1974 Germany Europe Germany
1978 Argentina South America Argentina
1982 Spain Europe Italy
1986 Mexico North America Argentina
1990 Italy Europe Germany
1994 United States of America North America Brazil
1998 France Europe France
2002 South Korea/Japan Asia Brazil
2006 Germany Europe Italy
2010 South Africa Africa Spain
2014 Brazil South America Germany
2018 Russia Europe France
2022 Qatar Asia TBC
2026 Canada, Mexico, USA North America TBC

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