Two washout matches of ICC world cup 2019 cost Gloucestershire 20000 pounds
ICC World Cup

Gloucestershire lost 20,000 GBP revenue due to two washout matches of 2019 world cup

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has seen two washout games so far in Bristol and this cut downs Gloucestershire revenue by 20,000 GBP according County’s chief executive Will Brown. First match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka was washed out on Friday, 7th June meanwhile Bangladesh and Sri Lanka match was abandoned today with heavy rain.

Two washout matches of ICC world cup 2019 cost Gloucestershire 20000 pounds

“I don’t think it’s massive because most of the revenue sits on ticketing. Our catering around the ground will definitely have taken a hit. It would be into the thousands. Do I think it’s GBP 50,000? No. Do I think it’s GBP 10,000 to 20,000? Quite possibly, yes. It’s enough for a club like us to make a significant difference,” Will Brown said.
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However disappointment is there for all fans, ground supporting staff and hospitality employees of the region. International Cricket Council will refund tickets prices which also a lose for the governing body. Mr. Brown was optimistic about the upcoming matches in next months at the venue as Ashes to take place.

“These are things that are four and a half years in the making since we bid for this tournament. It’s just really sad. It’s sad for the employees, we’ve worked so hard. It’s massively sad for the fans. It’s a unique opportunity and I feel so sorry for them,” he added.
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“We know there are a lot of travelling fans coming across but we also know there are a lot of local fans who have been interested and maybe fans who we don’t always see up here at the club. We have been really excited about the opportunity, engaging them, showing them a fantastic experience and hopefully they would come back,” Brown quoted.

“It’s a disappointment. We are very sad. I think that’s the underlying word. But it gives us an opportunity to make things better. We’ve got England v Australia in the women’s Ashes and the whole T20 campaign to come and England against Australia men next year. We have got other opportunities but it’s just a shame this is a big one we haven’t had more of a chance with it.”

“Some things about branding. Some things around the spectator experience, the entrance into the ground. We have done things a certain way for a while, not necessarily saying that’s been wrong. We’ve just done things in a certain way.”

“Some of the ways we set up the gates, these hotspots the ICC do where they provide entertainment. The branding is great and it’s taught us how we can make crowd barriers look reasonably attractive for example. A lot of stuff that we have steered away from because we thought it was too much money or too complicated, if we can pick out the best bits, that will really help us.”


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