Highest paid NBA players list

Highest paid NBA Basketball Players

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the professional men’s premier basketball league in the North America. Basketball players earn decent money in the most popular basketball league NBA throughout the season. LeBron James is the highest earner for the consecutive third NBA season.
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Highest paid NBA players list
Highest paid NBA players top 10 list

He makes $86 millions in 2017 season including his on-court earnings (USD 31 Million) and off-court earnings (USA 55 Million). It clearly indicates that James earns lion’s share from endorsements. Cleveland Cavaliers star player has received 99.9 Million dollar deal with the club to play three NBA season. However third year is optional and depends on James completely.

LeBron James has become third player after legendary players Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to earn more than $30 Million salary in a single NBA season. Nike, Intel and Verizon are the main source of income for James as endorsements especially Nike. As per reports, James signed lifetime deal worth $1 billion with Nike.

Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and James Harden are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place earners of 2017 NBA season with respective total off-court and on-court earnings of .
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5M, $47.1M and $46.5.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 money earners in NBA 2017.

Top 10 NBA players Earning for 2017

Sr. No. Player On-Court Earnings Off-Court Earnings Total Earnings
1 Jebron James $31 Million $55 Million $86 Million
2 Kevin Durant $26.5 Million $36 Million $62.5 Million
3 Stephen Curry $12.1 Million $35 Million $47.1 Million
4 James Harden $26.5 Million $20 Million $46.5 Million
5 Russell Westbrook $26.5 Million $15 Million $41.5 Million
6 Dwyane Wade $23.2 Million $13 Million $36.2 Million
7 Derrick Rose $21.3 Million $14 Million $35.3 Million
8 Carmelo Anthony $24.6 Million $8 Million $32.6 Million
9 Chris Paul $22.9 Million $8 Million $30.9 Million
10 Kyrie Irving $17.6 Million $13 Million $30.6 Million


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