Wasim Akram took 4 hat-tricks in his entire cricket career.
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“Hosting cricket world cup without spectators is not a good idea”, Akram

Pakistan’s legendary fast bowler Wasim Akram is not in favor of organizing upcoming ICC T20 world cup without crowds in the stadium. Australia are due to host this year’s men’s twenty20 world championship in October-November but due to Coronavirus, the situation is not ideal to host the tournament.

There are lots of rumors and speculations in the cricket world that international governing council for cricket, will postpone 2020 world cup and reschedule it to next year or maybe to 2022.

Wasim Akram took 4 hat-tricks in his entire cricket career.
Wasim Akram

“Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I mean, how could you have a cricket World Cup without spectators.
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A World Cup is all about big crowds, spectators coming from all parts of the globe to support their teams. It’s all about atmosphere and you cannot get it behind closed doors,” Wasim told ‘The News’.

“So I believe that they (ICC) should wait for a more suitable time and once this pandemic subsides and restrictions are eased then we can have a proper World Cup.”

According former all-rounder, organizing a world class competition without crowd will not be good for the sake of ICC, associated organizations, teams, boards and players. Cricketers will be affected the most as they like to see thousands of fans cheering and supporting them sitting in the stadium.

In a discussion about stopping players from using saliva to shine the ball, swing master that bowlers would definitely not like that. With the shine, bowlers increase their chances to get batsmen out and if saliva is banned, then it is not going to help bowlers anymore. Sweating won’t work much that.

“I’m sure fast bowlers won’t like it if they are stopped from using saliva to shine the ball. They are allowing sweat but I can say for sure that it isn’t the same. You shine the ball with saliva and sweat is just something of an add-on, a top-up.
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Too much use of sweat will leave the cricket ball too wet,” he quoted as saying by PTI.

“I believe that they will need to find a reasonable solution. But I would say that they will need to find a quick fix to this problem.”

ICC to hold a meeting on 10th June that will decide the fate of world cup.


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