Hot spot will not be a part of drs in 2015 world cup.
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Hot-Spot will not be used in 2015 world cup

On Saturday ICC announced that hot-spot will not be a part of Decision Reviews System (DRS) in forthcoming cricket world cup. The decision is made on the basis of not having proper equipment for the technology to be used. Earlier host-spot was a part of DRS along with snicko-meter.

Hot spot will not be a part of drs in 2015 world cup.

International Cricket Council’s general manager Geoff Allardice said in a press conference, “We’ll be using ball tracking and the Snicko for all matches. So it will be applied evenly across every match in the group stage and also the final stages.”

“The primary reason for not using Hot Spot is that the number of cameras needed to cover all matches given the schedule was just far in excess of the number available. So it wasn’t practical to do it for all matches under the same conditions, so that was the reason we didn’t go down that path.”

Ball tracking and snickometer will be a part of DRS that will help to run a fair world cup 2015. BCCI is not a supporter of Decision Review System but in this world class event technology will be used and team India to play with it.

“The decision was taken a long time ago that the DRS was going to be used in ICC events in this cycle from 2007 through 2015. It was used in the 2011 World Cup, it was used at the Champions Trophy in 2013, and it’s used in this World Cup, so it’s business as usual,” Geoff added.

Allardice also mentioned, “There is work going on at the moment around reviewing DRS and the use of technology, and I think it’s been status quo to the World Cup using the same system we’ve used for a while. But I think after the World Cup, we’ll revisit the last few years and see how it’s going and whether the protocols that are in place at the moment are the ones that serve our game the best.
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