Cricket betting

How to start with online betting in India

Online betting is popular all over the world, as it involves sports, and sports are pretty much loved by everyone.  There are many different types of sports, and most if not all people relate to at least one. India is a very active country in sports, majorly cricket and field hockey. It also actively participates in football or soccer activities.

Cricket betting

In simple terms, gambling or online betting is big in India. Some of the best online betting sites in India offer gamblers instructions to get started. Over 400 million residents of the country watch sporting events actively every year. Analysis shows that an estimate of 3 billion Indian rupees is used to bet on different sporting activities.

The following are the steps on how to start with online betting in India.

Pick a sport that you want to bet on online

Major sports to bet on

There are at least four major sports that are bet on in India. They include the following.

1. Cricket

This is the country’s go-to sport. This means that there is always at least one cricket match almost every day. Essentially, you will always have something to bet on. The Indian Premier League and test cricket always have enticing odds to choose from.

2. Football

Local football in India isn’t as big as the EPL but it’s growing fast. Outside the country, football is a big deal. The English Premier League and the Uefa Champions League are the two most gambled on football categories.

 However, in this modern-day age, women’s football is growing. It always offers enticing options like predicting whether a match will be high-scoring or not. 

3. Horse racing

This is one of the most ancient sports and is among the pioneers of sports betting. Online betting on horse racing can be real-time horse racing or virtual since there are not many races.

4. Field hockey

 Field hockey is the second most popular sport in India. It gives Indians a full insight and understanding of the game. This helps them to know what type of bet they will place and how high their chances of winning are. Like cricket, there is always a hockey game taking place more often than not.

Other sports that you could start betting on online include online basketball betting. It offers a wide variety of games at almost all times of the day. Additionally, online Kabaddi betting is coming up as the fastest-growing sport in India.

Rugby betting, especially during the world sevens championships that travel throughout many countries offers extra betting options. It is however best to pick a sport or two to major in so that you can always increase your chances of winning. 

Find the right betting site

The online betting world has developed so much in the past few years creating many slightly different betting sites. It is always upon the gambler to find a site that suits all their needs. Here are some of the top characteristics that a good online betting site you want to start betting on should have.

1. Reliability and Trustworthiness

A good betting site should be reliable in such a way that clients are confident that their money is secure. For example, it shouldn’t have a system lag that may cost a client money. Also, if the site is reliable, it builds confidence hence creating a good reputation for the site. If you do not trust a site or fear it may lag or malfunction, it is better not to use it.

2. Good odds and markets

When looking to find a new betting site, odds are arguably the most important feature. The odds have to be good to you as a client. For instance, no matter how obvious a team’s chances of winning a match are, the odds should still be favorable. This gives the user a chance of winning something tangible no matter how small their stake is. As for markets, a good betting site should have a wide variety of sports and competitions to offer.

3. Fair depositing and withdrawal charges

The top betting sites always give fair depositing and withdrawal fees. For depositing, the minimum amount should not be more than what the average Indian cannot afford. As for withdrawals, different sites charge different amounts for withdrawing certain amounts. A good site will charge relatively fewer Indian rupees to withdraw more.

4. Security and safety

A good company, especially an online betting site, should be secure more than anything. If the system is not safe and secure, it can be hacked and customers’ personal information released to the public. This could lead to financial havoc for both the company and its customers. It is therefore advisable to sign up in sites with no such previous cases.

Registration process

The registration process should be simple but secure.  It should not stress the user with too many unnecessary queries.  At the same time, it should be accurate enough to get the client’s details and keep them safe.

Quality user interface

A friendly user interface is always crucial as it always attracts the user. However, it must not be too much to bother the user, for example too many different colors. It has to be simple but attractive and efficient.

Register your account

After finding the right site that fits your needs, the next step is to register your account and sign up. If you have chosen the right site, the registration and verification process should be simple.

 The registration requirements should be straightforward. The details include an email address, name, date of birth, identification, and at times, a physical address.

Log in

After registration, you can log in to your new account and startup. First, you need to select the method of payment that you will be most comfortable using. It could be mobile payment, google pay, apple pay, or any other method that is accepted in India.

Start betting

After completing all the steps above, you can now choose what type of market you want to bet on and get on with it. Always remember to gamble responsibly and you have to be of legal age in India to start betting.


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