ICC Champions Trophy Winners, Runners-up list.
ICC Champions Trophy

ICC Champions Trophy Winners List

International Cricket Council organizes ICC Champions Trophy at regular intervals. It is a One Day International (ODI) tournament in which top 8 teams participate. The inaugural event was hosted by Bangladesh in 1998 which was won by South Africa. First two editions of ICC Champions Trophy in 1998 and 2000 were known as ICC Knockout Tournament.
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ICC Champions Trophy Winners, Runners-up list.
ICC Champions Trophy

A total of 8 ICC Champions trophy editions have been concluded successfully over the years since 1998. South Africa, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia and West Indies have become winners of the prestigious International Cricket Council event at least once. Australia and India are the most successful nations in the competition as they have won champions trophy 2-2 times each.

Let’s have a look at the complete list of winners and runners-up in ICC Champions Trophy from 1998.

Winners of ICC Champions Trophy

Year Winner Runner-up Final Result Host
1998 South Africa West Indies South Africa won by 4 wickets Bangladesh
2000 New Zealand India New Zealand won by 4 wickets Kenya
2002 India, Sri-Lanka Sri Lanka and India named joint winners Sri Lanka
2004 West Indies England West Indies won by 2 wickets England
2006 Australia West Indies Australia won by 8 wickets India
2009 Australia New Zealand Australia won by 6 wickets South Africa
2013 India England India won by 5 runs England
2017 Pakistan India Pakistan won by 180 runs England

Countries with number of titles and years

Country Number of Titles Year
Australia 2 2006, 2009
India 2 2002, 2013
South Africa 1 1998
New Zealand 1 2000
Sri Lanka 1 2002
West Indies 1 2004
Pakistan 1 2017


  1. Bangladesh has a good chance to win the tournament.probably one of the best one day squad bangladesh have now.

    • Y can’t England take revenge over India like last season…tit for tat,I hope it recreates history…by winning Australia they proved they are the best in the list.pak n Bng are never the best top teams to win icc …if they be the runnerups also it’s their ramadans gift only for sure…

  2. Ravi Shastri’s comments about CHAMPIONS TROPHY hard to believe. He’s holding some sort of GRUDGE on ENGLISH CRICKETERS? Many have noticed in the SKY COMMENTARY box in the current IPL. When it comes to English Cricketers his attitude turned NEGATIVE mostly. Do we need IDIOTS like him in the cricket world? Grow up Shastri. You make Cricket lovers to PUKE.

  3. Pakistan wonna win this final and will rock all over.sarfraz will not give us “dhoka”,inshallah

  4. I think India is real hero of icc champion trophy..
    & this year Indians victory….
    Nd most funny line…#mauka mauka (for pak)

  5. India win in this season… Rockstars Virat Kohli captain and Ms dhoni and all over the team very good players Indian team.. you know…all the best for team of India…

  6. India is a defending champion that’s a win this year again after back 4 year …India will be win …..

  7. I think England will win this Champion trophy….. Because he deserve it… And he is very strong team….

  8. indai will absouletely win…..bczzz
    Rohit sharma & Virat kholi will strong player in this tournament…..

  9. Pakistan won this time champion trophy because this teem is blasting and young talented players and all so sarfaraz capten cy is fabulous i hope thi year chapion pak times and his time dezave this trophy.all tha best boys

    • first of all u can’t write english properly but u say, PAKISTAN will be the champion on champions trophy.
      Ha Ha haaaa lol!!!!

    • Dont Bring Religion to to GAME.May the Best team win.See sports has sports .Not the place to support religion

  10. Austraila have strong batsmen and good bowling they have chance to win 2017 trophy. But i wish ind vs Aust final match and ind win

  11. Amla

    this line-up is deadly
    go proteas go

  12. Pak win icc champion trophy and sarfaraz is best captain in the innings so it will not afarid for Pak “inshallah”

  13. This is our time.. srilanka is the champions of 2017 champions trophy. Strong india team beat by srilankan team easyly. We are lions.. our lions.. our heros.. not the your times buddys. We will see. Srilanka is the champions..

  14. India will be the champion trophy winner of 2017,and that will give every Indian to Max trophy winner awards in cricket world.

  15. Pak fought like real champions. Bad luck for us today. Pak first time winners. We have twice winners already. Let us hope better luck next time.


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