Tenshin Nasukawa facts list by sports mirchi

10 Interesting Facts about Tenshin Nasukawa

Tenshin Nasukawa is Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent. Yes, if you ask any boxing sport fan right now, he would answer this. But how much do you know about Tenshin Nasukawa who will be up against world’s top boxer Floyd Mayweather on the new year evening 31 December 2018?

Tenshin Nasukawa facts list by sports mirchi
Tenshin Nasukawa

Well if you don’t know about him, you are at the right place as SportsMirchi has brought a healthy guide about Tenshin Nasukawa. The guide includes his bio information, career start, personal life, likes and dislikes, hobbies and many more facts that might be unknown to you and are interesting to read.

So let’s begin and checkout some interesting facts about Tenshin Nasukawa.

Facts about Tenshin Nasukawa

1. The Japanese kickboxing sensation Tenshin was born on 18th August 1998 and his nick name is “Ninja Boy”.

2. Tenshin Nasukawa is having an undefeated 27-0 record (20 knockouts) in professional kickboxing.

Boxer Tenshin Nasukawa photo by Sportsmirchi
Boxer Tenshin Nasukawa

3. Nasukawa is afraid of Ghosts.

4. Nasukawa incorporates three martial art techniques Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai in his game.

Tenshin Nasukawa kickboxing fighter from Japan
Tenshin Nasukawa expert in Kickboxing Karate and Muay Thai techniques

5. Japan’s MMA promotion organization Rizin Fighting Federation signed him in 2017.

6. He joined Karate classes at the age of just five as his father’s motto was to develop discipline in Tenshin and he should know about martial arts.

7. He loves to use his left hand as his primary striking hand which makes him Southpaw.

Tenshin Nasukawa fight style is southjaw
Tenshin Nasukawa is a Southjaw

8. If he was an animal, he’d prefer to be a “Cockroach” as their surviving capability is high.
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9. Tenshin Nasukawa’s girl friend is his fellow MMA fighter Kanna Asakura.

Kanna Asakura girl friend of Tenshin Nasukawa
Kanna Asakura

10. Tenshin Nasukawa chose school that he could attend just for fours to focus on sharpening fighting skills.


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