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Kabaddi World Cup Winners, Runners-Up

Kabaddi World Cup is one of the most important world championship that takes place in various part of India since 2004. The game Kabaddi was found in Ancient India, hence the country has hosted all the events and won all 7 Kabaddi World Cup editions played so far.

Kabaddi world cup winners

Let’s have a look at the complete list of kabaddi world cup winners.

Kabaddi World Cup Champions

Year Host Winner Runner-Up Score
2004 Mumbai India Iran 55-27
2007 Panvel India Iran 29-19
2010 Ludhiana India Pakistan 58-24
2011 Ludhiana India Canada 59-25
2012 Ludhiana India Pakistan 59-22
2013 Ludhiana India Pakistan 48-39
2014 Sri Mukhtar Sahib India Pakistan 45-42
2016 Gujarat India Iran 38-29

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