Maria Sharapova beat Rogers in debuting Mexico Open game.
Mexican Open

Maria Sharapova beat Rogers in debuting Mexico Open game

World No. 2 women’s tennis player Maria Sharapova has beaten America’s Shelby Rogers in the first round of Mexican Open at Acapulco. She defeats Rogers by 6-4, 6-1 in the direct sets to qualify for the second round of tournament.

Maria Sharapova beat Rogers in debuting Mexico Open game.

This is the first appearance for Maria Sharapova in Abierto Mexicano Telcel competition. Maria took 1 hour 14 minutes to beat Shelby Rogers. In the first set at one stage Maria was struggling and was losing the game by 3-1 but she returned in the match very well and won it by 6-4. Sharapova took 44 minutes in the opening set to beat Rogers.

Second set win was too easy for Maria and she registered victory in the opening game of Mexico Open. Sharapova will face either Mariana Duque Marino or Louisa Chirico on Wednesday in the second round match.

After winning match Sharapova said, “I’ve been in many different situations in my career, and when you’re down, you have to change a few things and stay positive. You just have to concentrate on one point at a time instead of the bigger result, and as the match went on I definitely felt more and more comfortable out there.
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 I felt really good and really happy to perform here in front of all the fans for the first time.”


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