Over 95,000 football fans at the Camp Nou Stadium got full of joy and full excitement of the game last night when Barcelona FC defeats Bayern Munchen in the first leg of 2014-15 UEFA Champions League semi-final clash. Star performer of the match was none other than Lionel Messi who scored 2 goals in the short period of 3 minutes time.

Messi scores twice as Barcelona win champions league semi-final first leg.

Barcelona wins the leg-1 of Champions League semi-final by 3-0 score and it will be beneficial for them when they travel to play away leg on 12 May.
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It was an excellent football game in the history as both sides were fighting hard to score the goal but no one gets succeed until the 77th minute of match.
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Argentine captain Lionel Messi came into action for home team and scored brilliant goal for his team to take lead in the match.

Manuel Neuer didn’t get out of the setback of first goal and football magician Messi fires up one more against him within the 3 minutes of spare time. That was really an incredible goal as Messi chips over Neuer’s head to score his second goal of the match and his 77th goal of competition. He surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo’s 76 goal mark which Ronaldo secured in the first semi-final battle of tournament against Juventus.

After 80 minutes of the match home club was leading with 2-0 and their victory was just knocking the door. The Barcelona FC’s attacking line-up not only includes Messi but also having Brazilian Neymar who can’t be outdated in the match. In the very final moments of the match Neymar scored the winning goal for Barcelona. This confirmed that Barcelona FC won the 1st leg match by 3-0 margin.

Barcelona FC beat Bayern Munich in Champions League semi-final first leg.

Now Barcelona to play second leg match on 12 May. If Barcelona club maintains their winning momentum they’ll surely reach to the final of UEFA Champions League which is scheduled to play in Berlin.

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