Roberto Mancini Italy photo by sportsmirchi

Most Lucrative Sports Professions for Non-Athletes

Sports stars’ achievements and abilities are admired all over the world and rewarded accordingly. By the end of the decade, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather was the highest paid athlete with $915 million to his name. Cristiano Ronaldo grossed $800 million. LeBron James outshined his NBA colleagues with £680 million, while Roger Federer’s $640 million proved tennis to be just as lucrative.

Roberto Mancini Italy photo by sportsmirchi

The sporting world thrives, but it’s not just for athletes. Anyone with passion for the industry and specific strengths can join the excitement. A range of non-athletic professions already exist. Below are three of the most popular, including the skills required and average salaries to expect.

Sports Journalist

Any sports fan with a talent for reporting, whether written or verbal, will do well in this career. Additionally, new digital tools keep broadening the craft and reach of journalists. Their purpose is to share knowledge with other fans, regarding games and the industry in general. Communication is key, not to mention the ability to pick out important news and information.

When it comes to employment at a newspaper, the higher the Journalism degree presented the greater the chances of being hired. But previous experience is even more essential with particular emphasis on speaking, writing, IT and sports knowledge. The median salary to look forward to is $43,984 per year.

Sporting Event Coordinator

Good management, communication and endurance are perfect for this career. Everything involved in planning a football game, for example, is in the coordinator’s hands. Schedules, accommodation, transportation, equipment, security. As the liaison between teams and hosting facilities, they also make sure all interactions go smoothly.

The sector to aim for in terms of qualifications is hospitality management. However, the market’s growing demand for event planners means that it’s a good idea to reach beyond a Bachelor’s degree.
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Becoming a Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) is suggested, as well as getting plenty of practice before taking on the full responsibility of a sporting event. $45,105 is this non-sporting profession’s median annual salary.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is important for athletes’ recovery after games or training session. Such healing can take up to 120 hours, depending on the body’s strain. Treatments are even added to daily lives. For example, cryotherapy is used for muscle regeneration and keeps Cristiano Ronaldo in top shape and less prone to injuries. When these do happen to an athlete, physical therapy is relied on to help them bounce back, safely and fast.

The standard qualification required is a post-graduate degree, but a Doctorate in Physical Therapy is even better. Any extra Board-certified training is also advised. A physical therapist should be no less proficient than a surgeon. The median salary is $87,930, the highest paying non-athletic sports profession so far.

The requirements and benefits of each profession demand research, but the overall outlook is positive. There are as many ways to support athletes and fans as there are for overachievers to find their place in this busy industry. Different skillsets have different opportunities to get involved.

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