FIFA World Cup Winners List of All Time.

Most Popular 5 Bets On Sporting Events

Sports betting is increasing in popularity. According to estimates, Americans spend $150 billion per year on betting. Given that the mobile apps offer convenience, no wonder wagering is increasing in popularity. However, there are individual sports that are more popular than others.

FIFA World Cup Winners List of All Time.

Do you know which are the most popular sporting events for wagering? Read on and find out more!

World Cup

While soccer might not enjoy extreme popularity in America, the World Cup is a sports event that does. European football is the most-watched sport in the world. 3,5 billion people watched the last World Cup in 2018. Around $136 billion were spent on betting during the matches, which is a clear sign that the World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events among betting fans.

The Cup comes again in 2022 and is expected to have more viewers and wagers. At that time, most Americans will be able to place bets legally. This is expected to make betting even more popular. Betting isn’t all about predicting a draw or win. People like to check the stats and patterns to predict the outcome precisely. 

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl show gets viewed by 100 million people. No wonder, as this is America’s favorite sport and most popular event. The game brought different types of sports betting fans. Whether you are a pro or a beginner willing to have fun, you are always welcomed to place your bet. The game between City Chiefs and 49ers was the most profitable one in 2020. Around $7 billion were spent on sports betting for the game, which tells a lot about this popularity. 

Kentucky Derby

Horse racing is another popular sport when we talk about betting. Fans like to wager about their favorite horse or jockey. The Kentucky Derby is the largest event when we talk about this sport. 2019 was a good year for horse race betting, as around $250 million worth of stakes were placed. The results were unexpected, so the game was the ultimate challenge for betting enthusiasts.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t make it to see the event live. You can always rely on online sites to get the info you need and submitting your bets. Visit sites such as to follow the updates and place your wagers.

March Madness

If you are a fan of college basketball, you know that this event is enjoying immense popularity. The March Madness is month-long and highly popular for wagering. $8.5 billion were expected to be spent on the tournament. However, the pandemic put the stakeholders of the industry in huge losses. 

The Grand National

While the Kentucky Derby is popular in America, the Grand National is famous in the UK. It is known as the most challenging game, so no wonder it attracts so many sports betting enthusiasts. People from over 120 countries worldwide follow this sports event, resulting in a total of 500 million viewers. According to trends, the event is quite popular among women. Women place about one-third of the total wagers. To increase your odds, you need to know the factors that determine the horses’ possibility to win. 

Final words

Sports betting fans aren’t only limited to the events in their area. You can follow any event in the world online and place your bets with ease. This makes your experience very convenient and straightforward. And let’s not forget about the fact that the betting sites allow you to have access to live matches, updates, and sports statistics. This will help you get better odds at winning.


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