Narrowest margins of victory by runs in The Ashes series.
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Narrowest margins of victory by runs in The Ashes series

The Ashes has been one of the most famous cricketing events for a long time now. The intense rivalry between the cricketing teams from England and Australia has a huge history. They have had some epic encounters that have truly made the beauty of the game visible to everybody.

Narrowest margins of victory by runs in The Ashes series.

Over the years there have been some close games between the nations. We have put together a list of the closest finishes in terms of runs by both teams in the history of the Ashes.

England at Birmingham in 2005

In the 2005 tour of England, Australia was playing at Birmingham and was trailing by 99 runs after the first innings. England in the second innings had a mini collapse and ended their innings at 182 giving Australia a target of just 292 for victory with almost 2 days to go in the test match. But England bowled extremely well as Steve Harmison bounced Kazprowicz out with just 3 runs needed and gave the home the closest ever Ashes victory in terms of runs.

Australia at Manchester in 1902

The famous Manchester game in Australia’s tour in 1905, this game was a great match and one of the best test matches ever. Australia was all out for just 86 after they were leading by just 38 runs after the first innings. England who was given a mediocre target of 125 on a dying pitch managed to fall short of the target by just 3 runs. This gave Australia one of their most memorable victories on English soil.

England at Melbourne in 1982

The scene of the game was at the Melbourne in Australia in 1982. After two victories in the first two matches, Australia managed a 3 run lead after the first innings. England was all out for 294 and set Australia a target of 298 for victory. A brilliant spell from N Cowans who picked 6 wickets in the fourth innings gave England a narrow 3 run victory.

Australia at Sydney by 6 runs

The 1885 Ashes series saw some great matches played between the two teams. The 3rd test at Sydney was the best of the series with both teams playing out a great game. After 3 innings, Australia could only set a target of 214 runs after they were all out for 165. A brilliant spell from F Spofforth in which he picked 6 wickets up gave Australia a 6 run victory after J Trumble removed R Peel of the last ball with 7 needed for victory.

Australia at the Oval by 7 runs

This game was only the 9th test in the history of the longest version of the sport. In 1882, in a one off test series at the Oval, Australia were bowled out for 63 runs in the first innings and conceded a 38 run lead to the England team. They came back and scored 122 runs and gave the English a target of just 85 for victory. But England folded out thanks to F Spofforth who picked 7 wickets in the final innings and tumbled England out for just 77 runs. He gave Australia a 7 run victory in the match and also a series victory.

The spirit to fight for the team from both the players has given the Ashes a lot of meaning.
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The 2015 Ashes series promises to be a great one with the quality of cricket played by both the nations.


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