North Korea 22 man roster for AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015.
AFC Asian Cup 2019 UAE

North Korea 22-man Squad for AFC Asian Cup 2015

Head Coach Jo Tong-sop had declared 22-man roster of North Korea national football team for AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015. Goalkeeper RI Myong-guk is appointed North Korea captain to lead the side in their second consecutive AFC Asian cup.
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Korea DPR is placed in the group B of tournament where they’ll face Uzbekistan in their opening match on 10 January at Stadium Australia in Sydney.

North Korea 22 man roster for AFC Asian Cup Australia 2015.

Pak Kwang-ryong and Cha Jong-hyok were the highlights when North Korea 22-members squad was announced for Asian Cup Australia 2015.

North Korea 22 man Asian Cup squad

RI Myong-guk (Captain) Goalkeeper
Ju Kwang-min Goalkeeper
Ri Kwang-il Goalkeeper
O Hyok-chol Midfielder
Choe Won Forward
Ri Yong-jik Midfielder
So Hyon-uk Forward
Cha Jong-hyok Defender
Jang Kuk-chol Defender
Kye Song-hyok Forward
Sim Hyon-jin Defender
Om Chol-song Forward
Jong Il-gwan Midfielder
Pak Kwang-ryong Forward
Pak Song-chol Midfielder
Ryang Yong-gi Midfielder
Ri Sang-chol Midfielder
Ro Hak-su Defender
Han Song-hyok Defender
Jon Kwang-ik Defender
Jang Song-hyok Defender
Ri Chang-ho Defender


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