Pakistan Super League 2016 Schedule, Fixtures announced.
Pakistan Super League

Pakistan Super League 2016 Schedule, Fixtures announced

Pakistan Super League have unveiled the fixtures and schedule of HBL PSL 2016 that will be played from 4 to 23 February in UAE. The opening game of tournament will be played between Islamabad and Quetta on 4th February at Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Sharjah will be another venue to host the games.
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Pakistan Super League 2016 Schedule, Fixtures announced.

Participating six teams will play 24 matches during the 20 days event. The final game of PSLT20 first edition will be played on 23 February. Play-Off games are scheduled to be played on 19th, 20th and 21st February 2016. Matches ticket information will be provided in due course.

Dubai will be hosting 15 PSL matches from 4-23 February whereas 9 matches will be played in Sharjah. Let’s have a look at the complete fixtures and schedule of competition.

PSL 2016 Fixtures

Date Match Fixture Venue
4 February 2016 Match 1 Islamabad vs Quetta Dubai
5 February 2016 Match 2 Karachi vs Lahore Dubai
Match 3 Peshawar vs Islamabad Dubai
6 February 2016 Match 4 Quetta vs Karachi Dubai
Match 5 Lahore vs Peshawar Dubai
7 February 2016 Match 6 Islamabad vs Karachi Dubai
Match 7 Quetta vs Peshawar Dubai
8 February 2016 Match 8 Lahore vs Quetta Dubai
10 February 2016 Match 9 Islamabad vs Lahore Sharjah
11 February 2016 Match 10 Karachi vs Peshawar Sharjah
Match 11 Islamabad vs Quetta Sharjah
12 February 2016 Match 12 Karachi vs Lahore Sharjah
Match 13 Peshawar vs Islamabad Sharjah
13 February 2016 Match 14 Quetta vs Karachi Sharjah
Match 15 Lahore vs Peshawar Sharjah
14 February 2016 Match 16 Islamabad vs Karachi Sharjah
Match 17 Quetta vs Peshawar Sharjah
16 February 2016 Match 18 Lahore vs Quetta Dubai
17 February 2016 Match 19 Karachi vs Peshawar Dubai
Match 20 Islamabad vs Lahore Dubai


19 February 2016 Match 21 Playoff-1 Dubai
20 February 2016 Match 22 Playoff-2 Dubai
21 February 2016 Match 23 Playoff-3 Dubai
23 February 2016 Match 24 Final Dubai


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