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Petra Kvitova ends Serena storm at Madrid Open Semi-Final

25 years old Petra Kvitova has stopped winning cycle of Serena Williams who had been unbeaten in 2015 before today’s Madrid Open semi-final clash. Serena won 27 consecutive games this year but she failed today to beat no. 4 player Kvitova in the semi-final. Czech Republic star enter in the final by winning semifinal by 6-2, 6-3 against world champion Serena Williams.

Petra Kvitova ends Serena storm at Madrid Open Semi-Final.

This was sixth occasion when these two met on tennis court and Serena beat Kvitova in all previous 5 meetings. But today Petra Kvitova managed to beat Serena first time in her career and enters in the final. American Serena also accepted after the match she was not in song today and Petra completely outdated her.

Serena said, “I think she (Kvitova) just played well today. She went for broke on every serve, every return. I hit some second serves, 170, 175, and she just hit them for winners.
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I was very slow off the mark. After my serve I wasn’t moving as well as I should have. You know, I wasn’t in it. I wasn’t Serena today. I think that was the main thing.”

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