Real Madrid vs Barcelona Biggest Wins

El Clasico Record: Real Madrid vs Barcelona Biggest Wins

El Clasico aka Real Madrid vs Barcelona football rivalry is one of the biggest rivalries in the history of sport. Both Spanish clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF have got decent record against each other and at times one side trashed other quite comfortably. There are some instances when one of these two clubs, registered 5+ goals margin win.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Biggest Wins

The biggest win for Real Madrid vs Barcelona fixture is when Real Madrid C.F. thrashed FCB by 11-1 in Copa Del Rey match on 19 June, 1943. This is RMD’s biggest win till date over Barcelona. Eventually this is the biggest ever win for this flagship contest between two arch rivals. 10 goals margin is the biggest difference ever between two Spanish football clubs.

After this FC Barcelona’s 7 goal difference win over Real Madrid is the second highest margin victory in El Clasico battle. FCB registered this biggest win over RMD during an exhibition match in 1913 when Barca won the match by 7-0 scoreline.

A total of 14 times when Barcelona vs Real Madrid result give victory margin more than 5+ goals. FC Barcelona have registered most times 5 plus goals difference victory over Madrid as they won 9 matches with more than 5+ goals margin in the scoreline as compared to Real Madrid’s 5.

Let’s have a look at the biggest wins record in El Clasico battle.

Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona Biggest Wins

Goal Difference Date Competition Winner (Score)
10 19 June 1943 Copa Del Rey Real Madrid (11-1)
7 1 November 1913 Exhibition Match FC Barcelona (7-0)
6 3 February 1935 La Liga Real Madrid (8-2)
18 February 1920 Exhibition Match FC Barcelona (7-1)
5 24 September 1950 La Liga FC Barcelona (7-2)
19 May 1957 Copa Del Rey FC Barcelona (6-1)
18 September 1949 La Liga Real Madrid (6-1)
21 April 1935 FC Barcelona (5-0)
25 March 1945 FC Barcelona (5-0)
5 October 1953 Real Madrid (5-0)
17 February 1974 FC Barcelona (5-0)
8 January 1994 FC Barcelona (5-0)
7 January 1995 Real Madrid (5-0)
29 November 2010 FC Barcelona (5-0)


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