Top 10 Richest Football Sponsorship Deals

Top 10 Richest Football Sponsorship Deals 2016-17

Football sport is the most popular game around the world and football playing teams and players are widely famous. Lots of money involved in the game and teams earn from various ways in which jerseys and t-shirts are popular one. Football teams make money from kit sponsorship, jersey sponsorship and stadium naming rights.
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This helps the team to earn good cash from home ground matches.

Football teams kit produce by manufacturers who are also the kit partners. Meanwhile companies who pay to advertise on jerseys, are the jersey partners of a team. Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga are some of the most popular football leagues in the world and clubs participating in the tournaments, are popular all over the world. Fans love to buy and wear their favorite clubs and players jersey.

Top 10 Richest Football Sponsorship Deals

Premier League club Real Madrid C.F. is currently having the most expensive sponsorship deal. Their total annual deal is $220 Million that includes Kit sponsorship, jersey sponsorship and stadium deal. Adidas is the prime kit sponsor for teams meanwhile Nike brand is in the race to match Adidas.

Manchester United and Bayern Munich are placed on 2nd and 3rd places in the top 10 richest clubs list. Paris Saint Germain stands at the bottom of this table with $51 million sponsorship deal. Let’s have a look at the list of top 10 football sponsorship deals.

Best 10 Football Sponsorship Deals 2016-17

Club Kit Jersey Stadium Total/Year
Sponsor Deal/Year Sponsor Deal/Year Sponsor Deal/Year
Real Madrid Adidas $158M Emirates $34M UAE $28M $220M
Manchester United Adidas $107M Chevrolet $80M Aon $22M $209M
Bayern Munich Adidas $68M Deutsche Telekom $34M Allianz $9M $111M
Chelsea Adidas $41M Yokohama Rubber $57M $99M
Arsenal Puma $43M Emirates $43M $86M
Barcelona Nike $40M Qatar Sports $41M $81M
Liverpool New Balance $36M Standard Chartered $43M $79M
Manchester City Nike $17M Etihad $57M $74M
Juventus Nike $26M Jeep $19M Sportsfive $7M $53M
PSG Nike $23M Emirates $28M $51M


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