University of San Diego to celebrate men's soccer 40 years

San Diego University Men’s soccer to celebrate 40-year program

The USD (University of San Diego) men’s soccer program is set to complete 40 years and it is going to be the grand celebration of 40th year completion with a soccer game between San Diego State and Toreros. The match has been scheduled to play on Friday, 19 October 2018.
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University of San Diego to celebrate men's soccer 40 years
University of San Diego to celebrate men’s soccer 40 years

Torero stadium to host the game from 7:00 PM local time. On this occasion, university has given opportunity to fans to pick and vote San Diego’s all time starting-XI. This team of 40-years will be announced during the half time of match.

Students and staff of USD can go and watch the match for free of cost. This is an open public event. Goal-side Tailgate to be opened before one hour of the start of match. Don’t forget to RSVP if you are thinking about Tailgate as it’s ticket price is 15$ which you;ll have to pay on the spot. You’ll be offered food and beverages if you opt Tailgate to watch live coverage of this special match.

For more info you can visit sandiego website.


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