Smoke free Olympics at Tokyo 2020
Tokyo 2020

Smoke Free Olympics at Tokyo 2020 – TMG official

Summer Olympic Games in 2020 are set to be smoke free as local Tokyo Organizing Committee has decided to ban smoking at the venues of events. A top official from Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) claims that local Olympics organizing committee and Tokyo government are focused to make Tokyo 2020 Olympics first ever “smoke free Olympic games”.

Smoke free Olympics at Tokyo 2020
Smoke free Olympics at Tokyo 2020

“We’re eager to host first ever ‘smoke free olympic games’ and determined to work on that. Officials are intended to make things better for fans in the venue and smoking will be banned for indoor and outdoor areas of the building,” TMG official told Sports Mirchi.

In 2018 Winter Olympics, a total smoking ban was imposed on the grounds of the venue.
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But cigarette butts ended up scattered around the entrance gates. International Olympic Committee (IOC) and World Health Organization (WHO) are in line to make final decision for imposing ban on smoking in stadiums during 2020 Olympic Games.

Summer Olympics have never seen such kind of smoking ban during the events and Tokyo Committee is working with local governments and Tokyo Metropolitan Government. XXXII Olympiads are due to take place from 24 July to 9 August in Japan’s Tokyo city.


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