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Sourav Ganguly: India can win 2015 ICC world cup

Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly believes that team India has got capabilities to defend title and become world cricket champions for third time. Ganguly said in book release event that Indian team has got balance to lift the title and MS Dhoni will be the key factor as a leader in the side.

Sourav Ganguly said, “You need one game in one afternoon to be a star and change the situation. This team (India) under M S Dhoni have the ability to excel and I won’t be surprised if India reach the final.”

Sourav Ganguly believes Indian cricket team can win 2015 ICC world cup.

Ganguly led India in 2003 world cup in which team reached to the final but lost it to Australia. Before entering into that world cup India performed very bad on the New Zealand tour but team made great came back and made it through final.

He’s further added I would be surprised if Indian cricket team gave their worst performance in 2015 world cup. Ganguly mentions that India is a team of big tournaments so we should have faith.

“I don’t think there are many problems in the Indian team. In big-time cricket India excelled. I shall be surprised if India perform poorly.”

India won cricket world cup two times in tournament’s history so far. Kapil Dev led India in 1983 world cup to win maiden title whereas MS Dhoni guided India in 2011 world cup win.
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Releasing a book titled ‘Cupmohola’ (Seven World Cups) written by sports journalist Gautam Bhattacharjee, Ganguly today said, “I think India has a big chance in this World Cup.”

On this occasion he was asked to pick three players who could be the star performers in cricket world cup he named, “My choice would be Virat Kohli, A B de Villiers and Steve Smith.”

Indian team will play their world cup 2015 opening match against Pakistan on 15 February at the Adelaide Oval.

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