Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Top 7 Cricket Websites To Follow Live Scores

The following and fan base of cricket is ever-evolving.

This sport has been a mainstay for the people from the subcontinent as it is probably the most popular sport in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Other countries like Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, and West Indies also have a considerable fan base.

Sharjah Cricket Stadium

However, with a fast lifestyle in today’s world, cricket fans hardly get ample time to watch every single match. But they also do not want to miss out on following the live scores.

Today, there are hundreds and thousands of other cricket sites to follow live scores; here are the top 7 among them all.

  1. is a website that provides live scores. The website covers almost all matches that happen around the world. The website is also a good source for in-depth interviews, articles, and so much more. The website also has dedicated social channels to keep followers updated on all recent happenings in the world of cricket.
  1. Planet Cricket is a new arrival onto the scene of cricket score websites – should be interesting to see how it develops with imminent arrival of the IPL in September.
  1. Cricline has a simple user interface, and there is not much fuss about it. Though people who love intuitive interfaces and tons of features may be somewhat disappointed by Cricline. As far as scores are concerned, it does the job really well. The only issue that can be thought about it is the presence of advertisements.
  1. ESPNCricinfo is the gold standard of cricket websites. One of the oldest cricket websites, it used to be the go-to place for all cricket fans when others were not there. ESPNCricinfo has it all that a cricket fan may need, from ball-by-ball commentary to all kinds of statistics. Additionally, the user interface is fantastic, as to be expected from an official website of ESPN.
  1. ICC has its own version of cricket scorer, the official one from the International Cricket Council, the governing body of cricket in the world. The quality is phenomenal and meets the expectations of all. From scores to news to statistics and beyond, ICC gives fans access to all the information they would ever need in cricket.
  1. CricSmith is relatively simple and can provide quick updates to the fans. The favorite matches of the fans are accessible without much complexity. The clean user interface is the best thing about it. You will get access to statistics, news, player information, and more in CricSmith.
  1. Flash Score gives you access to a considerable collection of matches from across the world. Both men’s and women’s international matches are covered. The real-time updates of scores is a great feature. Fans also get access to text commentary, video highlights, and more.


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