Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli: Why was surrender the only option for a conqueror king?

The conqueror king Kohli ended his record-breaking era as captain of the Indian cricket team. Arguably the best batsman of the current era, Virat Kohli announced his decision of stepping down from the captaincy. He finished his run as captain with 40 wins in 70 test matches, making him the best test captain the Asian nation has ever produced. Read on to know what made the king surrender his legacy.

Virat Kohli

Speculations say Kohli bowed out without any solid reason as he couldn’t cope with the pressure. However, according to some sources, the star player had it coming even before the South African series.

The former captain has had a brittle couple of months with BCCI after he accused the sitting chairman, Sourav Ganguly, of lying in public. The situation developed after the chairman stated that he personally asked the former captain to remain as the T20 captain.

Kohli, however, called out Ganguly’s lies, saying, “No One Said Don’t Leave T20I”. So, Kohli did have some unresolved issues with the board, and the recent defeat from a lower-ranked South African team has only added fuel to the fire.

The Cricket board had a chance to remove him from captaincy, and their actions would have been easily justified by the recent performances. Kohli, however, is a true king as he chooses to go with honor instead of staying with disgrace.

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Virat Kohli took captaincy in 2014 and led India in 40 test victories in 68 matches while losing only 17. This is a record-breaking run for any Indian captain as Kohli surpassed MS Dhoni, who has 27 victories under his name. This number also puts him ahead of cricket giants like Imran Khan, Steve Waugh, and even Ricky Pointing, making him the 6th most successful captain in cricketing history.

After achieving such a feat, Virat Kohli should have been regarded as the best Indian captain, as shown by the stats. Instead, the so-called cricket pundits labeled him first as immature and now as lost. The fact, however, is that he wasn’t fully understood. When he acted like an aggressive, self-centered teen, he just acted his age. And now, when he has matured both as a cricketer and an individual, the widespread feeling now is that he has lost the spark.

Whatever the case might be, Kohli led India like a king. He changed the whole mindset of the team and came out as an aggressor and not as underdogs like before.While announcing his resignation, he said he “left nothing out there” and gave his 120 percent in every game.

However, what would be written in his legacy, is a question still to be answered. Even his last match as captain came with a fair bit of controversies when he lost his cool over a contentious DRS decision. He then began his rant, accusing the broadcaster of playing for the home team.

The undoubtedly childish behavior then encouraged a couple of other players to rant on the stump mic. The incident didn’t go unnoticed by the cricketing community that once again labeled Kohli as crude.
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However, looking at his career with a complimentary eye, the only one would find is dedication and success. He was and is the most successful captain India has ever had. One can be critical of his behavior, but his success proves his methods.

Whatever his legacy might hold for future generations, his aggressive attitude and fitness-based approach should be kept alive in Indian camps.Another question that is now being asked frequently is who can replace Kohli as captain. He undoubtedly has left quite big shoes too, but a couple of names might be the answer—starting with Rohit Sharma, the most experienced player in the Indian squad. His age, however, is an issue that makes him not so good of a choice for the long term.

KL Rahul, the current vice-captain, is yet another great option though according to some pandits, he isn’t confident enough to lead the Indian side. The last and the most suitable option is Rishabh Punt.

The young wicketkeeper-batsman is exceptionally good with bats and holds the attitude of a leader. However, he lacks experience and playing a year or two under Rohit Sharma or KL Rahul might give him a more profound cricketing sense and experience. Whoever the future captain might be, they will have king Kohli by their side for at least 4 to 5 more years.


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