Wayne Rooney Football Player

Wayne Rooney Has Not Decided to Join DC United

Former Manchester United player and legend, Wayne Rooney, has not decided yet on whether or not to leave Everton and join DC United. Some reports claim that the decision will be made within the next 2 weeks.

There has been a rumor about why DC United suddenly became so interested in getting Rooney out of Goodison Park to their place. The 32-year-old football legend will become DC United’s plan when they first open their new Audi Field stadium.

Wayne Rooney Football Player
Wayne Rooney

The new 20-000 capacity stadium will become their first witness in a game against Vancouver Whitecaps. However, before that plan actually takes place, they need Rooney to make that crucial decision before July 14th, 2018. That’s when thee match takes place.

In order to make that plan works, DC United has to consider everything, including the MLS transfer window. Normally, it won’t open until July 10th this year, but if DC really wants Rooney to join their line-up, he should have joined them when the new month starts. The time is critical for both DC United and Everton.

Rooney has to decide as fast as he can because Everton will need that decision for their pre-season training. Marco Silva, the new manager, will never like something goes not according to his plan, including when there are uncertain things going on.

Actually, Rooney has still one season with Everton if he chooses to delay the transfer. However, it will be bad for both Everton and DC United.
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The United sure hopes that Rooney will join them as soon as he can, just like his former teammate, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger decided to join the MLS transfer window. The faster he decides, the more benefit both sides can get from his decision.

As a star player, DC has a lot of plan for Rooney once he joins them. So far, he has scored a breaking 253 goals while he was still at Old Trafford. In 2017, he decided to go back to his old team in Everton and his shiny record continues.

Even though Rooney managed to score 2 goals in his 2 Premier League games under the Everton flag and even ended up as the top scorer, he hasn’t played so much since last December. Until the end of March, he only made 4 appearances.

For a star player like Rooney, 4 appearances are never enough and he is going more frustrated than ever to rip more nets more than ever. Perhaps, it is moving to a new club that he desires more than ever, where the can prove his worth to everyone.

For DC United, it is a perfect chance, not only to prove that they can get him out of Everton, but also to prove the real value of their new stadium. Now, according to some football betting platforms, including online betting in India, we only have to wait at least for the next 2 weeks on whether or not Rooney decided not only his future, but also DC United’s and Everton’s on the way.


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