Chelsea beat Crystal Palace by 3-0 on 14 August 2021

What Makes Chelsea A Top Candidate To Win The Premier League

The toughest and, according to many, the best league in the world is well underway and after 5 matches played, it’s time for us to analyze a little bit and make first assessments. Sure, it’s too early to talk about the potential champions of England, but with the performances Chelsea gave us this season, we simply have no choice but to consider them a top candidate for the Premier League title.

Chelsea beat Crystal Palace by 3-0 on 14 August 2021

The oddsmakers like the experts from agree with this assessment by putting the Blues among the three favorites to win the trophy.

What makes Chelsea a top candidate this season? Let’s find out togehter.

Romelu Lukaku – The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

When a club wins the Champions League like Chelsea did last season, it’s hard to say that they miss a piece of the puzzle, but that was the case. The Blues won the most prestigious trophy in football, but they were lacking a clinical striker in front of the opposition’s goal. Timo Werner and Kai Havertz are creative players, but they simply aren’t that clinical in front of the goal. This is exactly why Romelu Lukaku was brought in. This merciless striker, who scored 24 goals last season at Inter, is exactly what Chelsea needed in order to challenge for the title.

The Defensive Wall And Mr. Clean Sheet

Before Tuchel took over, Chelsea was conceding a lot of goals, even from the clubs in the lower half of the table. But, ever since Mendy arrived (credit to Frank Lampard for this transfer), Chelsea’s defense has been one of the best in the league. Tuchel managed to get the best out of every defensive player, which allowed Mendy to get the nickname “Mr. Clean Sheet”. After the first 5 games, Chelsea conceded only 1 goal, and it was from the penalty spot.

Tomas Tuchel – The Brave Manager With A German Discipline

Chelsea is sitting pretty at the top of the Premier League and the man who deserves the most credit for this success is the insightful German manager. He’s one of those rare managers that don’t miss much of what’s happening on the pitch. Better yet, he’s not afraid to take out the best players at halftime in order to make a change and win the game. Like he did with Mason Mount against Tottenham last weekend.
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The combination of bravery and discipline is what makes him one of the best managers in the Premier League. Will he be able to lead Chelsea to the title?
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Remains to be seen, but they are frontrunners and they seem to be on the right path.


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