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2018 FIFA World Cup Prize Money

Football’s world class and flagship event World Cup, takes place in every 4-year span time period. Sports biggest governing council FIFA organizes world cup to enhance the popularity of the game and also makes some decent bucks. Not only FIFA, but also participating national teams and football teams earn money from FIFA world cup. For 2018 world cup championship, FIFA is all set to increase prize money for the tournament after 2014 edition’s success and profit.

FIFA World Cup Prize Money

2014 world cup prize money breakdown

Football world’s biggest governing council earned¬†$2.1 billion profit during 2014 world cup in Brazil. In that 20th edition, FIFA’s total money collection was $4.8 billion but company spent $2.7 billion in the promotion and marketing for championship. The total prize money pool for this event was $576 million which was distributed to 32 participated nations.

2014 FIFA World Cup Champion Germany pocketed $35 million while runner-up Argentina earned $25 million. Third and fourth place teams made $20 and $18 million respectively in the last world championship. Quarterfinal losing sides earned $14 million, round of 16 losing teams bagged $9 million. Group stage eliminated 16 sides made $8 Million.

2018 wold cup prize money breakdown

As per speculations, Federation International de Football Association to hike 2018 FIFA World Cup prize money around 25% from last edition. Sports Mirchi understands that winner of 2018 world cup will bag $50 million as the prize money with world cup trophy meanwhile runner-up to get $35 million as prize money award. The total prize money pool for 21st world cup edition is projected to be $750 million.

FIFA World Cup Prize Money Break Down

FIFA World Cup Stage 2018 World Cup Prize 2014 World Cup Prize
Preparation Fee for 32 Teams $2.5 Million Each $1.5 Million Each
Group Stage (16 Eliminated Teams) $10 Million Each $8 Million Each
Round of 16 (8 Eliminated Teams) $13 Million Each $9 Million Each
Quarter-Finals (4 Losing Sides) $18 Million Each $14 Million Each
4th Place Team $22 Million $18 Million
3rd Place Team $25 Million $20 Million
Runners-Up $35 Million $25 Million
Winner $50 Million $35 Million
Player Insurance Fees TBA $100 Million
Player by Player Payments to Parent Clubs TBA $70 Million

When will FIFA declare prize money pool for world cup 2018?

Well the above mentioned statistics and data, are collected from Sports Mirchi’s research team on the basis of previous records. The official prize money pool for 2018 world cup Russia, will be announced by FIFA just before 6 months of the beginning of championship. Hence we can expect FIFA to release the data in the December 2017 or early in January 2018.

Russia set to host world cup’s 21st edition from 14 June to 15 July.

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