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  1. I want to write articles for your company can i

  2. Hello,
    Wish you have a nice day!
    We are a sports betting website from Europe. We want to post an article on your website. The article can be written consistently with the topic of your website.
    And we will pay for it.
    If you agree, please give me the price to post one article on the homepage or news page of your website for lifetime.
    Looking forward to your reply. 
    Best Regards & Thanks.

  3. Stefan Mcnulty


    How are you? Hope you’re doing well.

    We are a big bookmaker advising company. We aren’t bookmakers, we just make reviews about bookmaking. What can we do for getting a link from your site?
    1) Do you have any special requirements for our situation?
    2) How much is a dofollow permanent link from your site?


    My email: [email protected]

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  5. Hi!

    Hope you’re doing well.

    We are looking for advertising opportunities for Online Bookmaker 22BET and thought that your site might be a great option.

    Any option, including promotional articles, banner ads, listings, etc, would be great.

    If that’s possible, more details and rates would be appreciated.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best Regards,
    Anton M

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