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FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2030

The 2030 FIFA World Cup will be 24th edition of FIFA World Cup. It is going to be grand football world cup ever as in 2030 world cup will mark 100 years of FIFA World cup championship. First ever world cup was played in 1930 which was won by host Uruguay.

FIFA World Cup Matches Schedule
FIFA World Cup Trophy

Host Selection

To host century year FIFA World Cup, 6 early bids have been confirmed. Uruguay-Argentina proposed joint bid to host 2030 world cup. Their bid seems to be valid and they can win it as if you remember inaugural world cup in 1930 was held in Uruguay and FIFA members committee may consider again to give Uruguay a chance to host centurion WC event.

Chile, Colombia, England, China and a proposed bid from Australia-New Zealand also in the race to organize 2030 football world cup.
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Confirmed bidders

  1. CAF/UEFA (Portugal, Spain, Morocco)
  2. CONMEBOL (Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile)
  3. UEFA (Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania)


There will be 48 teams participating in the 24th FIFA World Cup as football’s biggest governing council already announced that from 2026 world cup, there will be 48 national teams competing in sports biggest event gala.


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