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How Length of a Six is measured in Cricket

Cricket is the 4th most popular sports around the world and it is specially famous in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. A cricket match is played between two teams. There are several terms and terminologies used in a cricket match. Players make runs and take wickets to win the match. They score runs in the form of singles, doubles, triples, fours and sixes.

How Length of a Six is measured in Cricket.

In this modern technology era, there are various techniques used to determine the speed of a bowler at which pace he delivers the ball. Technology is used to track what is the speed of bat when it strikes the ball.

Many times I see cricket fans talking about the biggest sixes hit by a player and usually they compare too. They say one player hit 105 meter long six before two years back and now in yesterday’s match he broke his longest six record and hit 110 meter six.

Obviously its great to see records are breaking but many times I think how the length of six is measured. As a die hard cricket fan I search this query that how length of six in measured in frictions of second. I’ve found some answers on this which I am sharing here.

Scientific method

Range of Projectile

This term “Range of Projectile” is associated with physics and to discuss it in the context of a cricket six length determination is quite fine. In this Range of Projectile mechanism, we throw a projectile in the air at an angle without considering the vertical and horizontal components of motion.

1.) Based on the angle of hitting

In context of cricket, we can take cricket ball as a projectile and when a batsman hit a six, it goes at an angle in the air. So we calculate the length of six on the base of angle of hitting. By using projectile formula we can state:

[R=v² Sin (2θ)/g]

Where: v= velocity at time of hitting

g= 9.8 m/s²

θ= Angle at which ball is hit.

Range of Projectile is used to determine length of six in cricket.

Image source: Wikimedia

2.) With the use of initial velocity and acceleration of ball

s = ut + 1/2*at²

t = the time the ball stays in the air
u = initial velocity at which the ball left the bat (calculated like bowling speed)
a = 9.8 m/s²
s= distance travel by the ball

Hopefully this article help you to calculate how the length of a six is determined in cricket. If you have got any query regarding this, you can ask in comment section.

Note: These answers are not official.

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  1. Ok this is how boundaries are measured, but before this can you tell me how you come to know….by what angle the ball gets hit?
    Means is there any specific technology to check that?

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