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How to Get Through the Transfer Window This Summer

It has been a tough season on the pitch for the Reds of Merseyside, and as the summer break comes along and the drama of the transfer window begins to pique, for many, it is important to plan and plot a way through the summer without footy. Here are a few ideas to help you get through this.

Follow the transfer news

Rather than staying away from the offseason summer rumours and the transfer news, fully engage with it. Read as much of the news related to the team as you can lay your hands on. Keep up to date with the transfer news by reading all the news coming out of Anfield as well as following the fan chat and online discussion. You will also find that there are so many ways you can engage with these discussions, have your say, criticize and complain about the players that are being bought and sold and the way that you want the team to play. It’s a great way to really feel part of the team.

Football sport
Football sport

Find a great online casino with football themes

Places like have some of the best football-themed games and entertainment options that will keep your mind off your team and yet allow a form of entertainment that relates to the game you love. Slot games such as Football Star and Football Star Deluxe, as well as Soccer Striker, will have you on the pitch but not obsessing about who’s joining your team or not. It’s a form of entertainment that will refer to the game and yet not necessarily have you thinking of your team specifically. There are also a number of card games, like online blackjack, that will add a competitive aspect to your free time. Keep it fun, and you’ll soon be waiting for the next game to start or walking through the Paisley gate.

Take a break

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and, as such, taking a total break or having a little space from the game will go a long way to making you come back even stronger in love with the team. It is not a long time, and the trick will be finding a hobby or pastime that is non-related and will allow you to forget about the football until the pre-season friendlies start again. Outdoor hobbies, fitness and gym time, or simply working in your garden and enjoying the summer sun are all great ways to get you off the couch away from the online transfer and club news and will make you super excited and happy for the season to come.

The transfer window and summer break are always tough times for true die-hard supporters. The wrong players are bought and sold, making for a stressful few months and a time when you will need to have other things to take your mind off the drama. Just keep in mind that you will never walk alone.


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