ICC World Cup host countries on map
ICC World Cup

List of Countries hosted ICC Cricket World Cup

International Cricket Council has been organizing ICC World Cup in every 4 years since 1975 and various countries in different regions have got opportunities to host the cricket’s showpiece event. First ever cricket world cup was hosted by England who invented the sport. England has hosted the most world cups as many as five times.

ICC World Cup host countries on map
ICC World Cup host countries on map © SportsMirchi.com

The last cricket world cup was played in Australia & New Zealand in 2015 and recent tournament is being held in England & Wales. Next ICC World Cup is scheduled to be hosted in India in 2023.

Let’s checkout the list of countries hosted cricket world cup along with number of teams and matches in the year.

World Cup Number Year Host Country Number of Teams, Matches
1st 1975 England 8 Teams, 15 Matches
2nd 1979 England 8 Teams, 15 Matches
3rd 1983 England & Wales 8 Teams, 27 Matches
4th 1987 India & Pakistan 8 Teams, 27 Matches
5th 1992 Australia & New Zealand 9 Teams, 39 Matches
6th 1996 India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka 12 Teams, 37 Matches
7th 1999 England, Ireland, Netherland, Scotland & Wales 12 Teams, 42 Matches
8th 2003 South Africa, Zimbabwe & Kenya 14 Teams, 54 Matches
9th 2007 West Indies 16 Teams, 51 Matches
10th 2011 India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh 14 Teams, 49 Matches
11th 2015 Australia & New Zealand 14 Teams, 49 Matches
12th 2019 England & Wales 10 Teams, 48 Matches
13th 2023 India 10 Teams


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