List of Sports in Summer Olympic Games.

List of Sports in Summer Olympic Games 2020 Tokyo

Summer Olympic Games are one of the top sporting events in the world and it takes place in every four years span period of time. There are several sports being played in every Olympiad. First Olympic Games were played in 1896 at Athens in Greece. 9 sports were played in the first Olympics. Since 1896, the number of games increased in the competition.

List of Sports in Summer Olympic Games.

Last Olympic Games were held at Rio, Brazil in 2016. It was 31st edition of the prestigious Olympiads in which 28 sports were played. The next tournament will be held in Tokyo, Japan in which 33 sports will be played. Let’s have a look at the number of sports over the years in Olympiads.

Number of Sports in Summer Olympic Games from 1896 to 2020

Year Olympiad Host Number of Sports
2024 XXXIII (33) Paris, France TBC
2020 XXXII (32) Tokyo, Japan 33
2016 XXXI (31) Rio, Brazil 28
2012 XXX (30) London, England 26
2008 XXIX (29) Beijing, China 28
2004 XXVIII (28) Athens, Greece 28
2000 XXVII (27) Sydney, Australia 28
1996 XXVI (26) Atlanta, USA 26
1992 XXV (25) Barcelona, Spain 25
1988 XXIV (24) Seoul, South Korea 23
1984 XXIII (23) Los Angeles, USA 21
1980 XXII (22) Moscow, USSR 21
1976 XXI (21) Montreal, Canada 21
1972 XX (20) Munich, Germany 21
1968 XIX (19) Mexico City, Mexico 18
1964 XVIII (18) Tokyo, Japan 19
1960 XVII (17) Rome, Italy 17
1956 XVI (16) Melbourne, Australia 17
1952 XV (15) Helsinki, Finland 17
1948 XIV (14) London, Great Britain 17
1936 XI (11) Berlin, Germany 19
1932 X (10) Los Angeles, USA 14
1928 IX (9) Amsterdam, Holland 14
1924 VIII (8) Paris, France 17
1920 VII (7) Antwerp, Belgium 22
1912 V (5) Stockholm, Sweden 14
1908 IV (4) London, Great Britain 22
1906 Athens, Greece 13
1904 III (3) St Louis, USA 16
1900 II (2) Paris, France 19
1896 I (1) Athens, Greece 9

Olympics 2020 Sports List

Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics and Swimming are the 5 sports which have always been contested in every Olympiad since 1896. There are various games included and excluded in Summer Olympic Games over the years. There will be 33 sports in 2020 Summer Olympics as baseball/softball, karate, sport climbing, surfing, and skateboarding to feature in competition for the first time.

Let’s have a look at the list of recently added sports, discontinued sports and possible sports for Olympiads.

Summer Olympics 2020 Sports Recently Added Sports
Aquatics Baseball/Softball
Archery Karate
Athletics Sport Climbing
Badminton Surfing
Basketball/Softball Skateboarding
Basketball Discontinued Olympics Sports
Boxing Cricket
Canoeing Croquet
Cycling Jeu de Paume
Equestrian Lacrosse
Fencing Motor Boating
Field Hockey Obstacle Race for Swimming
Football Plunge for Distance
Golf Polo
Gymnastics Racquets
Handball Underwater Swimming
Judo Tug-of-war
Karate Possible New Sports for 2024 Olympics
Modern Pentathlon Bowling
Rowing Climbing
Ruby Sevens Dancing
Sailing Netball
Shooting Roller Sport
Skateboarding Squash
Sport Climbing T20 Cricket
Surfing Wakeboard
Table Tennis Wushu

What’s your favorite Olympic sport at the moment? Which sport you want to see in future Olympic Games?
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