Obstructing the field Definition and Recent Instances

Obstructing the field

“Obstructing The Field” is one of the ways by which a batsman is given out in the game of cricket. This method of batsman’s dismissal is defined in law 37 of cricket established by MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club). There a total 7 instances in International Cricket matches when a batsman returned to pavilion after getting dismissed by Obstructing The Field.

Let’s have a look at first what actually mean by obstructing the field and then we’ll find out the names of batsmen who got out by this method of dismissal in the history of cricket.
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What is Obstructing The Field

If a batsman tries to distract or obstruct the fielding side by any means whether from actions or words, he is given out by Obstructing the field dismissal method. In simple words if intentionally a batsman distract opposition team players during a match, he may be given out by following obstructing the field.

Facts about Obstructing The Field

(1.) Bowler doesn’t get the credit of wicket when a batsman was given obstructing the field out decision.

(2.) There is only one instance in test matches when a batsman was given out by this method. English cricketer Len Hutton was given out Obstructing The Field in 1951 South Africa’s tour of England.

(3.) In One Day internationals six batsmen have been dismissed by this method. Pakistan’s Rameez Raja is the first batsman in ODIs who received Obstructing The Field out decision in 1987.

(4.) There are 4 Pakistani players out 6 in the list of players dismissed by obstructing the field.

(5.) Ben Stokes is the only Non-Asian cricketer in the list.

Obstructing the field Definition and Recent Instances
Ben Stokes’ Obstructing The Field dismissal

Obstructing The Field ODI Dismissals

Date Batsman (Country) Opposition Venue
20 November, 1987 Rameez Raja (Pakistan) England Karachi, Pakistan
22 October, 1989 Mohinder Amarnath (India) Sri Lanka Ahmedabad, India
6 February, 2006 Inzamam-Ul-Haq (Pakistan) India Peshawar, Pakistan
21 March, 2013 Mohammad Hafeez (Pakistan) South Africa Durban, South Africa
27 November, 2013 Anwar Ali (Pakistan) South Africa Port Elizabeth, South Africa
5 September, 2015 Ben Stokes (England) Australia Lord’s, England


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