Virat Kohli RCB 2020

Players of Which Zodiac Signs are More Successful During IPL?

The new 2023 IPL season is almost here, and cricket fans around cannot wait. Every IPL enthusiast is curious as to who will get fortunate this year and how the stars will align. This year, the Indian Premier League season kicks off on the spring equinox, which occurs on March 20. 

Virat Kohli RCB 2020
Photo: Virat Kohli

This suggests that in many places a cardinal turning point and a fresh countdown are scheduled, so you should be on Crickex exchange making bets ASAP since the stars may be aligned in your favor. 

Indians’ passion for cricket is as deep as the blood in their veins, and it is the people they hold dear that keep the sport alive in their hearts.

Cricketers from India are well admired for their modesty and team spirit. Now, let’s find out what signs these gifted individuals are and see if there’s a pattern to which signs do well in the IPL.

Aries as IPL Cricketers

India’s skipper and the T20 franchise Mumbai Indians. Victory strategies are second nature to Rohit Sharma. He’s certain to succeed since he’s an Aries and he doesn’t back down easily. A person who shares the same sign as him should feel proud of that fact.

Taurus as IPL Cricketer

Taureans, you have something in common with one of the most talented Indian Premier League cricket players in the history of the sport. Sachin Tendulkar, the one and only of his kind. 

Since he has had a passion for the game ever since he was a youngster, he has persevered in becoming one of the finest in his area. Much like every other Taurean who is passionate about their profession and believes in what they do.

Gemini as IPL Cricketer

Ravi Shastri is a legendary batsman and inspiring coach who once led the Indian cricket team. His stellar professional advancement makes it clear that the Gemini star sign is the greatest one for him.

Cancers as IPL Cricketers

This man’s enthusiasm for the sport remains unbounded, despite the fact that he is no longer a participant. The IPL cricket team will never be the same without Mahendra Singh Dhoni as its captain. 

Everyone is aware of the incredible game that he has played for the team, and as a result, he is going to be one of the finest cricket players that this nation has ever seen.

Leo as an IPL Cricketer

The astrological sign of the lion is associated with Yuzvendra Chahal’s birthday. He exemplifies the characteristics of those born under this sign by working very hard, garnering praise from others, and living a lavish lifestyle.

Virgos as IPL Cricketers 

A Virgo in every sense of the word. Shubhman Gill never stops working toward the goal of achieving perfection in his work. 

The fact that he was selected as the ICC Men’s Player of the Month for January ensures that he will gain from his dismissal.

Libra as IPL Cricketer

Like other Libras, this cricketer values family deeply. One of the most talented bowlers that we have right now. When faced with challenging circumstances, one may reliably put their faith in Hardik Pandya, who is a Libra.

Scorpios as IPL Cricketers

The greatest sport for Scorpios is one in which adrenaline is continually present in the bloodstream. Scorpios are continually putting themselves to the test to see what they are capable of, and they are willing to bear the injuries and bruises. 

Virat Kohli with a purposeful and cheery personality, everyone observed how this athlete triumphed over every challenge in his path.

Sagittarius as IPL Cricketer

You can count on becoming a top performer in at least one sport if you’re a Sadge. Sagittarians have won more Olympic medals than any other zodiac sign. You have a lot going for you, including brute force, your own rhythm, speed, and an unshakable belief that you will triumph (Jupiter sees to that).

There was one Sadge and fierce Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh. The cricket legend was a Sagittarius, and he maintained his characteristic optimism and joy throughout his incredible career.


It would seem that each zodiac sign is successful in the Indian Premier League (IPL) in its own unique manner. With that in mind, the time has come to evaluate how successful you have been at betting for this season. 

Check your horoscopes to see which of the season’s matches the stars predict will bring you the most successful IPL bets.


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