Pro Wrestling league India
Pro Wrestling League

Pro Wrestling League India 2015 schedule, fixtures

One more sport league is going to be introduced in India today as the first edition of Pro Wrestling League India is starting today with an opening game between Dilli Veer and Punjab Royals in Delhi. There will be six franchise based teams will be participating in the competition and a total of 66 wrestlers from various countries will participate in PWL 2015.

Pro Wrestling league India

There will be a total 18 matches played throughout the event which schedules to play between 10 and 27 December, 2015.
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Knockout matches will be played on 25, 26 and 27 December. Sony Six, Sony Max (English) and Sony Pal (Hindi) will bring the live coverage of Pro Wrestling League India.
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Pro Wrestling League India Fixtures

Date Time (IST) Match Fixture Venue
10 December 2015 19:00 Match-1 Dilli Veer vs Punjab Royals Delhi
11 December 2015 19:00 Match-2 Haryana Hammers vs Bengaluru Yodhas Delhi
12 December 2015 19:00 Match-3 Mumbai Garuda vs UP Warriors Delhi
13 December 2015 19:00 Match-4 Punjab Royals vs Haryana Hammers Ludhiana
14 December 2015 19:00 Match-5 Mumbai Garuda vs Bengaluru Yodhas Ludhiana
15 December 2015 19:00 Match-6 Punjab Warriors vs UP Warriors Ludhiana
16 December 2015 19:00 Match-7 Haryana Hammers vs Dilli Weer Gurgaon
17 December 2015 19:00 Match-8 Bengaluru Yodhas vs Punjab Royals Gurgaon
18 December 2015 19:00 Match-9 Dilli Veer vs Mumbai Garuda Gurgaon
19 December 2015 19:00 Match-10 UP Warriors vs Bengaluru Yodhas Noida
20 December 2015 19:00 Match-11 Punjab Royals vs Mumbai Garuda Noida
21 December 2015 19:00 Match-12 Dilli Veer vs UP Warriors Delhi
22 December 2015 19:00 Match-13 Mumbai Garuda vs Haryana Hammers Delhi
23 December 2015 19:00 Match-14 Bengaluru Yodhas vs Dilli Veer Bangalore
24 December 2015 19:00 Match-15 Haryana Hammers vs UP Warriors Bangalore
25 December 2015 19:00 Match-16 Semi-Final 1
26 December 2015 19:00 Match-17 Semi-Final 2
27 December 2015 19:00 Match-18 Final


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