Sultan Azlan Shah Cup schedule
Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018 Fixtures, Schedule, Match Timings

The 27th edition of Sultan Azlan Shah Cup has been scheduled to take place in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia from 3 to 10 March 2018. Tournament consists of six teams just like previous season. First match of Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is set to take place between Argentina and India from 16:00 MST (Malaysia Standard Time).

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup schedule

Australia, England, Malaysia and Ireland are the other 4 teams in the competition. A total of 15 hockey games will be played in the first stage of championship while 5th, 6th, 3rd, 4th place matches are scheduled for 10th March. Final to take place on March 10 as well.

Let’s have a look at the complete schedule of 2018 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup.

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2018 Schedule

3 March 2018 16:00 Match 1 Argentina vs India
18:00 Match 2 Australia vs England
20:30 Match 3 Malaysia vs Ireland
4 March 2018 16:00 Match 4 India vs England
18:00 Match 5 Ireland vs Argentina
20:30 Match 6 Malaysia vs Australia
6 March 2018 16:00 Match 7 England vs Ireland
18:00 Match 8 India vs Australia
20:30 Match 9 Malaysia vs Argentina
7 March 2018 16:00 Match 10 Australia vs Ireland
18:00 Match 11 Argentina vs England
20:30 Match 12 India vs Malaysia
9 March 2018 16:00 Match 13 Argentina vs Australia
18:00 Match 14 Ireland vs India
20:30 Match 15 England vs Malaysia
10 March 2018 15:30 Match 16 Fifth & Sixth Place
18:00 Match 17 Third & Fourth Place
20:30 Match 18 Final

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