Anil Kumble

Lose even to Kenya but not Pakistan, says Kumble on pressure in India vs Pakistan match

Legendary India leg-spinner and former captain Anil Kumble revealed that in his playing career, the hype around India-Pakistan matches was at such a high level that fans would have been okay even if the side lost to Kenya, but not…

Coronavirus Affect: Cricketers can’t shine ball with Saliva

International Cricket Council committee has recommended that players can’t use saliva to shine the ball. Former Indian captain Anil Kumble led ICC cricket committee and over video conferencing, it is recommended that players should not use Saliva to shine ball….

Andhra Pradesh Govt partners with Kumble’s Tenvic sports company to promote sports in the state

The Andhra Pradesh government has joined hands with Bengaluru based sports company TENVIC to promote sports culture in the state. TENVIC company whose motto is to “To Ensure Victory” will now be inspiring Andhra people to get associated with sports….