TENVIC sports company partners with Andhra Pradesh government
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Andhra Pradesh Govt partners with Kumble’s Tenvic sports company to promote sports in the state

The Andhra Pradesh government has joined hands with Bengaluru based sports company TENVIC to promote sports culture in the state. TENVIC company whose motto is to “To Ensure Victory” will now be inspiring Andhra people to get associated with sports. Interesting the company is owned by former Indian cricket coach and captain Anil Kumble.

TENVIC sports company partners with Andhra Pradesh government
TENVIC sports company partners with Andhra Pradesh government

TENVIC signed deal with The Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) which is the administrative governing body in the state to promote sports and games. Government’s main object of signing the deal with TENVIC is to achieve goals and objectives in a planned manner.

“TENVIC was started with the objective of identifying, nurturing and training talent at the grassroot level.
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This initiative by the govt of Andhra Pradesh and the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu touches upon all level of sports – from the grassroot to the center of excellence with additional focus on infrastructure development,” Kumble said.

One of the core principles of the partnership is to acknowledge that physical education along with recreational, competitive and high-performance sport should be developed simultaneously.

New methodologies have been proposed to ensure sustainable and impactful delivery of sports coaching program from Grassroots to Centre of Excellence (CoE).

The current sports coaching program has been designed across age-groups and skill levels in line with “AP State Sports Sunrise Model” which intends to improve participation of all children of the state.


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