Federer or Djokovic Who'll be first $100 Million man in tennis.

Federer or Djokovic: Who’ll be first $100 Million man in tennis

The upcoming 2016 year will be creating history in tennis world as one of the top stars either Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic will become the first ever tennis player to earn 100 million dollars. No other player in the history of sport has earned the $100 million as the prize money on-court.

Federer or Djokovic Who'll be first $100 Million man in tennis.

Currently Roger Federer has got US$ 97,303,556 (97.3 Million) earnings as the prize money for his various Grand Slams win and ATp World Tour titles. On the other hand 28-year old Novak Djokovic has made US$ 94,050,053 (94.0 Million) till date. Both these champs will be participating in the first Grand Slam of 2016 year which is Australian Open.

The winner of Australian Open will get $3.85 million and if Swiss star gets succeed to do it and wins his 18th Grand Slam, he’ll win the race of first 100$ million tennis player against Djokovic. But if Federer fails and Serbian star Novak Djokovic succeeds to win his 11th Grand Slam of career, he’ll be close to the On-Court earnings of Roger.
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And it seems like Djokovic will give tough challenge to other players and Federer too as he had superb 2015 year in which he won 3 Grand Slams and received $21.5 million as cash prize. Novak is confident enough with his form and he is desperate to carry on with the momentum he has got in 2015.

Before few days back he said, “My season was the best of my career with many highlights. It inspires me even more to keep on going, and I hope to continue to play at this level in 2016. I think I have a good chance. I’m 28 and I still don’t feel like the end is anytime soon, that definitely excites me and motivates me to keep going.”

What do you think who will become first ever tennis player to earn $100 million on court? Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic??


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