FIFA World Cup

14 Fast Facts about FIFA World Cup 2018 [Infographic]

The 21st edition of FIFA World Cup is kicking off on 14th June and here we are bringing some interesting and fast facts about the football’s galla event. 11 Russian cities to host 2018 FIFA world cup.

32 national football team will be competing in the 2018 world cup in which Germany are the title holders. Billions of fans are waiting eagerly to enjoy the soccer summer.
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Below we have displayed the infograph that gives you an idea about the tournament and it’s stats.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Facts Infographic

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  1. The infograph is an Excellent presentation of many interesting facts about FIFA World Cup 2018 compiled

    together with eye catching layout. I would love to get this printed out and displayed in my school Library in

    A4 format dimension. Soccer is one of the favourite sports played by many students of the school and the students will be thrilled and excited to see it.

    Do I have permission to do so and how can it be done?


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